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Three men are talking about their skydiving experiences at a bar and how their parachute failed until the last possible moments.

The first man starts describing his story, “well i jumped from 5,000ft and was supposed to pull my parachute at 2,500ft but when I did, nothing happened. I tried again and again, at 2,000ft still nothing, 1,500ft approached and still nothing! Finally, at 1000ft my parachute opened and i landed safely, only slightly injuring my ankle”.

The second man responds, “Pffft! That’s nothing! When I went sky diving, I jumped from 7,000ft and was supposed to pull my parachute at 3,000ft. As 3,000ft approaches, nothing happened, 2,500ft approaches, still nothing. 2000ft comes and passes, 1500ft comes and passes and still nothing. 1,000ft passes, i'm pulling hard and still nothing. At 700ft, finally, the parachute opens and I land safely with only a twisted ankle and bruised shoulder”.

By now the three men have gathered a crowd and the third man scoffs, “You all got off easy, When I went skydiving I jumped from 10,000ft!! At 3,000ft I pulled my parachute and nothing happened. I kept tugging at it harder and harder and at 2,000 ft it opened but was tangled so i had to cut it and tug on my emergency parachute. But that one wouldn’t open either! 1500ft pass, 1000ft pass, 700ft pass and at 400ft my parachute finally opens. I land and break both my legs but with a story to tell”.

The crowd, gasps and whispers hearing the eventful incidents of the three men before a man from the crowd come is, “All your stories are futile! When I went skydiving i jumped from 15,000ft! 15 bloody thousand feet. I pulled on the rope to release my parachute at 3,000ft and nothing, I kept tugging and nothing happened, 2,000ft passed, 1500ft passes, 1000ft passes, 700ft passed, 400ft passes, 200ft passes, 100ft passed and still nothing! The bloody parachute wouldn't come out no matter how hard i pulled! 50ft passed and so did 20ft. I was falling fast, past 10 ft and reached 5ft!"

At this stage one of the people gasps from the crowd, "and what happened next??".

The man replies, "well 5ft isn't too high up so i just jumped down"

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хули вы не смеетесь, пидарасы

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>>477220 перевод надо

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Three guys in a gym are talking about their biggest success.
The first man says: it was a long night, the guy was big, like 10 inches long and 2 inches thick, it was so painful, that i cried after he shoved his 5 inches, but in the end I managed to take it all.
The second man says: Oh, come on, 10 inches is nothing but a joke. My guy had a shlong about 15 inches long and 3 inches thick, and I took it all the way deep in my butt, and after a few minutes I could even take another wiener and have a double anal with two of them.

The third ine baffles: Huh! DP with two fat cocks is not a big deal. Once I had a party with a bunch of black guys and they all went down on me. At first they plugged my butt with a 17 inches long cock and then they put another one. By that moment I already was blowing off three black fat wieners in a row. Then they put the third cock in me. And the fourth one. My ass was stretched like a subway tunnel, but they went crazy! I had three orgasms in a row and they kept fucking. They managed to put a fifth dick in, and yet ot wasn't enough for them. They went for sixth, seventh, nineth... And then, in the end, another one, thick throbbing...

At this stage one of the people gasps from the crowd, "and what happened next??"

The man replies, "Well, one cock is a piece of cake, I just took it like a champ"

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